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Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas

Stravigym HP
Basic-Fit Mercado Villa de Vallecas (exterior)

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Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas is one of the more than 800 clubs that Basic-Fit, one of Europe’s largest fitness operators, has in Spain, Benelux and France.

Even with Basic-Fit speeding up their expansion plans for the European market, it doesn’t ignore the well-being of their existing customers and fitness centers. Various Basic-Fit locations all over Europe are being transformed to improve both aesthetics and user comfort. One of those locations is Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas, located on the first floor of the “Mercado Villa de Vallecas” building, in Madrid.

Basic-Fit decided to address the floors as well, to respond to the noise complaints of the neighbors. After an initial analysis, it soon became clear that the free-weight zone was the main source of noise.

With only 2.6 m of available space between the existing floor covering and the ceiling and, according to the standard layout of Basic-Fit clubs, 2.4 m high cable crossing machines installed in the free-weight zone, the height of the acoustic floor system was limited to a maximum of 125 mm.


Keeping the standard gym lightweight floating floor setup, CDM Stravitec designed a custom Stravigym HP with Stravigym GympactLayer-35 dry floor system, able to reduce the noise generated to acceptable levels and adding only limited extra height, as desired by the client.

In order to verify the performance of the system, a mock-up was first installed on which weights were dropped from different heights. LAF,MAX values were measured that not only comply with the legal limits, but also meet the requirements with regard to the noise complaints of the neighbors.

Fitness enthusiasts are now able to exercise to their heart’s content without having to worry that their activities are disturbing the neighbors. The intervention was quick, easy and clean, allowing Basic-Fit Villa de Vallecas to keep the other zones in the gym open, even during installation. The free-weight area was able to reopen after only a couple of days. The installed floating floors did not add too much weight or height and the client was able to reuse his rubber tiles as final floor covering.

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