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Basic-Fit Veenendaal

Stravigym HP
Basic-Fit Veenendaal (interior)
I.D. Bouw & Advies

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At Basic-Fit Veenendaal, a special floating floor has been installed in the zone where heavy weights are being lifted to prevent noise nuisance in the rooms above. An extensive test campaign has led to an optimal construction for this application: Stravigym HP.

Due to the special construction with natural rubber springs, plating, damping layers and impact insulation, a heavy floating concrete floor is no longer necessary to adequately insulate even low-frequency concrete. This floor prevents the low-frequency heavy impact vibrations from causing a noise problem.

Because the system is lightweight and quick to install, it offers a solution for many existing situations. It is often no longer possible to use a heavy suspended concrete floor. On the one hand because of the limitation of the weight to be added, on the other hand because a fitness club cannot be closed for a longer period due to current subscriptions.

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