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AppIn Gym

Stravifloor Channel
Stravigym GympactLayer
Stravilink PHS-S
AppIn Gym (interior)
Agora Budapest
AppInGym Kft.
Józsa Gusztáv
Florian Frotscher

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AppIn Gym is located in Agora, a new building complex situated in the thirteenth district in Budapest. Agora was designed to go beyond an average workplace and be an inspiring lifestyle hub.

AppIn Gym is located on the first floor of a mixed-use development, above retail shops and below corporate office spaces. Budapest's newest gym has 24 hour access and offers a huge variety of fitness equipment and training courses, including weight lifting, cardio training and crossfit, allowing gym-goers to perfect any muscle group.

To mitigate the vibrations and resulting impact noise at AppIn Gym, and to prevend noise problems in neighboring spaces, an isolated steel batten Stravifloor Channel system was installed with wet flooring over the entire surface of the gym.

An additional Stravigym GympactLayer-45 was placed in the free weight area to extend the time of contact/impact and, thereby, reducing the peak impact force and the noise generated, while at the same time protecting the concrete floating floor.

A rubber ramp at the perimeter of the free weight area was installed to allow easy access between areas with floor systems with different build-up height.

In addition, CDM Stravitec provided Stravilink PHS-S elastomeric hangers from which the gym's sound system was suspended.

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