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United States of America
Stravigym HP
ACMA Beaverton (exterior)
Beaverton School District
Robinson Construction Co.
DLR Group
BRC Acoustics & Audiovisual Design

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Arts & Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA) is a publicly funded arts magnet school in Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

The school’s ad hoc facilities in an old airplane hangar didn’t meet their academic and artistic needs and so a new 75,000 square foot two-story structure is being built. The existing performing arts building has been retained and will be integrated into the new structure. The new building will include classrooms, a cafeteria and a kitchen.

When completed, the building will be able to accommodate up to 725 student. 

A high-performance Stravigym HP floating floor consisting of 2” (50 mm) natural rubber isolators, high-strength steel channels for better load distribution, and dBooster® technology strips was installed to isolate the dance floor in the performing arts building.

Thanks to the dBooster® technology, the space is better equipped for different activities, as the patented technology makes the floor’s acoustic performance less dependend on the type of activity and the impact energy generated.

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Working with CDM Stravitec was a simple and seamless process. Our team had great communication and we never had any issues go unresolved. The materials were onsite and ready to go, this really made the project go smoothly.

Phil Allen

Installing Contractor, Sound Palace Design