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Plant Riverside District West Parking

United States of America
Stravifloor Deck
Plant Riverside District
Plant Riverside LLC
Hunt Construction
John T. Campo & Associates, Inc
Newcomb & Boyd
Browder + LeGuizamon & Associates, Inc.
Darryl Brooks

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The Plant Riverside District entertainment complex is a redevelopment of a former power station site in Savannah, GA. 

Located on the famous River Street, the Plant Riverside District offers dozens of restaurants, vibrant nightlife, high-end retail and luxury hotels, making it a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue.

To accommodate large numbers of visitors and hotel guests, sufficient parking space had to be provided.

CDM Stravitec were called upon to isolate a building from vehicle and structure-borne noise created on the 2nd floor Parking Garage and were involved at the design and specification stage. 

21,500 sq ft of Stravifloor Deck floating floor system was installed using 2” (5 cm) elastomeric pads for isolation and supporting a 4” (10 cm) concrete slab. The solution also incorporated rigid insulation to meet the local thermal code requirements in a floor with a total build up of 6” (15 cm). 

Special attention was paid to the installation of the floating floor system around the many columns in the parking garage, to ensure that no acoustic bridges were created and that a level and continuous concrete floor could be poured on top of the deck system.

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The project went well. You guys were very helpful throughout the whole process, from helping finalized design details to completion of installation. Also very proactive with recognizing potential issues and working to solve them. Thanks for a job well done!

Paul Weber

Sr. Project Manager - Hunt Construction Group