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Places for People Gym

United Kingdom
Stravigym XP
Places for People Gym (interior)
Places for People
Morris & Spottiswood
Acoustic & Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Pozzoni Architecture Limited

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Places for People, a group of more than 20 housing providers, developers, property managers and care providers, and known for their full-spectrum approach of placemaking, called upon CDM Stravitec to isolate a gym in one of their latest commercial property developments.
Like many other contemporary office buildings, Places for People’s latest project houses a gym. People working in the building can make use of this popular amenity before or after work or during their lunch-break. In order not to disturb those working in the surrounding spaces, the gym needed to be acoustically isolated from the rest of the building structure.

A tailored Stravigym XP gym floating floor was installed to acoustically decouple the gym located on the 5th floor of the office building, preventing vibrations from fitness equipment such as falling dumbells, kettlebells, and treadmills from disturbing the people working above and adjacent. The added dBooster® strips increase the system’s performance even further, by decoupling the load distribution layer from the resilient supports.

To achieve the finished floor height specified by the architect and to deal with any irregularities of the structural floor, timber chims were placed underneath the dBooster® channels.

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