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NOS Headquarters

Stravimech Bearing
NOS Headquarters (exterior)
Grupo NOS
CPU Urbanistas e Arquitectos
Certiprojecto – Arquitectos e Engenheiros Consultores, Lda.

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In the Campo Grande area, close to ‘2ª Circular’, the NOS head office building lets no one indifferent. Designed and built to accommodate the telecommunications company, it is one of the most remarkable prime office buildings of Lisbon, standing out for its geometrical architecture and centralized location, right next to the inter-modal platform of public transports in Campo Grande.

NOS headquarters was developed, as a multi-use building, for administration, technical development, client support and offices. This modern building is comprised by two independent bodies connected from the 3rd floor by a metallic structure, organized in a linear fashion with a glass façade overlooking a garden area.

Services are located on several floors. Each floor has an open layout with a spectacular view of down-town Lisbon and with a considerable height to give a sense of freedom. The rooms can be easily adapted to accommodate different services. Because the rooms had to be versatile and accommodate all electrical infrastructure (such as electricity, light and communication wiring) all buildings have special raised access computer floors which include 10 mm thick Stravimech Bearing pads underneath supports, improving the acoustic isolation performance.

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