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Nautique Living

Stravibase Fix
Nautique Living (architectural rendering)
Pleijsier Bouw
Van Rossum

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Nautique Living is a modern student complex with 403 brand new independent student rooms with private bathroom and kitchen. The complex also includes a number of common areas such as a lounge, laundry and private dining room. A sports field has been realised on the roof of the complex.

To prevent nuisance in the rooms – when using the sports field (jumping, ball sports, etc.) – a floating floor construction has been developed on the roof floor. On the roof floor a number of concrete blocks are installed on which a steel construction is laid. On this steel construction, a steel slab concrete floor is poured. Between the concrete blocks and the steel construction vibration isolators are installed with a sufficiently low resonance frequency of approx. 10 Hz.

Because the steel structure had to be anchored with a bolted connection, the Stravibase Fix system was used, which is composed of a number of high-quality natural rubber elements and elastic washers around the bolt which ensure that no acoustic bridges are created via the bolts (Stravibase Fix). By installing this solution, the connection is completely disconnected and high impact sound insulation is achieved.

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