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Manchester Metropolitan University

United Kingdom
Stravifloor Channel
Manchester Metropolitan University (exterior)
Morgan Sindall Construction
Allies and Morrison

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With the success of Media City, Manchester has now become the Media Centre of the UK and the best place to study for a job in TV, Film and Radio.

Manchester Metropolitan University has built a brand new Media Facility with industry standard studios to allow them to teach students in the highest quality spaces.

Our local branch was employed to design, supply and install the concrete floating floors for 12 studios.

The 100 mm thick concrete floating floors supported the drylining walls and ceilings to create box-in-box constructions with very high standards of sound insulation.

The 50 mm void beneath the 100 mm concrete floating floors was created using Stravifloor Channel isolation rails and the voids were vented to avoid the trapped air layer reducing the isolation performance.

Most of the studios were supported off stiff structural slabs with a natural frequency of >10Hz and the specification for the bearings was given as <8Hz.

One of the studios, however, was supported off a supporting slab with a natural frequency of 6Hz and the specification for the bearings was changed to 12Hz in this studio to avoid structural vibration amplification.

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