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Maksoud Plaza Hotel

Stravibase Fix
Maksoud Plaza Hotel (exterior)
A.C. Engenharia (Campinas, Brazil)
Exata Engenharia + TECSTEEL

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The City of São Paulo has the second highest number of helicopters in the world, its 500 registered helicopters result in more than 100,000 flights in and around the city per year and therefore it is not surprising that there are more than 200 heliports; many of which are located in the city’s rooftops. During take-off and landing helicopters generate a lot of noise which, without intervention, travels through the supporting structure thereby creating a noise nuisance in other areas of the building.

Maksoud Plaza is a landmark 5 star hotel in São Paulo which was renovated in 2011 to include a rooftop heliport. The hotel has an international reputation for luxury and elegance and therefore it was very important that the heliport was isolated from the main structure  to prevent disturbance to guests. CDM designed and supplied the Stravibase Fix isolation system with a natural frequency of 10 – 12 Hz for the heliport’s steel structure; thereby guaranteeing the hotel’s continued peace and tranquility.

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