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Aalto Acoustics Lab

Stravibase Spring
Stravibase VHS
Aalto Acoustics Lab (interior)
Aalto University
Alvar Aalto / Aalto University
Benoit Alary

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The original multidisciplinary research center Aalto Acoustics Lab at Aalto University in Finland was built in 1970 and included three anechoic chambers, all of which were built on elastomeric bearings.
As part of the 2019 renovation, the department wanted to upgrade the anechoic chambers to the latest industry standards. 

Further to the university’s plans, the acoustic consultant requested a solution with 3-4 Hz Stravibase Spring metal spring bearings for one of the smaller anechoic chambers. A 13-14 Hz acoustic solution with Stravibase VHS elastomeric bearings for the other small chamber, and a solution with 10-11 Hz Stravibase VHS elastomeric bearings for the large anechoic chamber.

Together with other acoustical solutions Stravibase products were used as vibration isolation to ensure low structure-borne noise levels required for the research environment in all three chambers. The background noise level in all three chambers is now less than 0 dB, and in one room it is even -2 dB. 

With new and improved noise and vibration isolation measures in place, the Aalto Acoustics Lab for audio processing and spatial sound technologies research is ready for years to come.