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There are many types of acoustical floating floors; one of which is a jack-up system. Once the concrete has cured; the isolated slab is raised off the structure using pre-cast boxes. If the use of the room or load conditions change in the future; some of these boxes allow the replacement of the isolators inside them. Replaceable acoustical floor systems are perceived as systems with lower sound insulation (airborne noise) than traditional floating floors. This course presents measurements of airborne sound reduction and impact noise isolation of replaceable jack-up systems and confirm factors that can influence its performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand lab test protocols for jack-up systems and its particularities

  • Know how to design of jack-up floating floor systems

  • Identify advantages of jack-up floors and see if this type of solution best suits your project

  • Understand test results of airborne & impact noise insulation on replaceable jack-up systems