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Building Services & Mechanical Equipment

Solutions for Noise & Vibration Isolation

Modern buildings cannot function effectively without essential building services equipment - all of which produce noise and vibrations and, in many instances, are in close proximity to noise sensitive spaces.

The high isolation standards for building components means the existing background noise level inside apartments is becoming lower and consequently even the smallest building service equipment can generate annoyance.

Noise isolation measurements are generally required by local codes and implemented for the health and wellbeing of the building's occupants. Vibration isolation can also be relevant for protection of sensitive equipment.

The mechanical equipment will inevitably generate noise and vibration and, as they are usually mechanically secured to the supporting structure, high levels of structure-borne noise and vibration are likely. In order to mitigate this potential noise nuisance these machines, and their associated connections, must be decoupled from the supporting structure.

Our expertise extends to designing isolation systems tailored to specific needs, whether addressing the source of vibration, the transmission path (including associated services or structural connections), or even the point where noise disturbances are received. We carefully assess cost and feasibility to provide optimal solutions. However, it’s worth noting that, in many cases, elastically mounting building services and mechanical equipment proves to be the more cost-effective and efficient long-term approach. Therefore, it is advisable to consider elastic mounting solutions during the initial planning stages.

Dive into our latest Building Services Brochure to find special acoustical isolation solutions for these types of applications. Learn how to pick the right isolator and explore various isolated inertia bases, anti-vibration mounts, fixation/anchoring systems and suspension designed to tackle specific challenges.