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Sud Lisboa Restaurant

Stravifloor Prefab
Sud Lisboa Restaurant (swimming pool)
Azinor Group
Nuno Leónidas Arq.
Engenharia de Acústica e Ambiente

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Azinor Group is a multinational hospitality company, established in Lisbon, with brand hotels and restaurants worldwide. As result of the long term partnership existing between CDM Stravitec and the Azinor Group, a special Stravifloor Prefab system was developed for Sud Lisboa Restaurant. Sud Lisboa Restaurant is the new exclusive restaurant and event space, from Azinor Group, situated in the Tagus river side walk in Lisbon, next to the MAAT museum.

A rooftop swimming pool was built over a Stravifloor Prefab system specially designed for low frequency noise isolation, generated by pool activities.

This design makes possible the pool activities in the toproof level, with its splendorous view over the river side.