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Fitness Dock - Areeiro

Stravigym XP
Fitness Dock - Areeiro (interior)
Fitness Dock

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Not long after successfully opening their first club in Sete Rios, Lisbon, Fitness Dock inaugurated their second one in the Areeiro district. Much like the other club, the one in Areeiro features an inviting wide open space where all the fitness activities take place.

Fitness Dock Areeiro is housed in a mixed-use building with both offices and residential apartments creating the need for proper noise and vibration isolation in order to avoid neighbours complaining about excessive noise.

The free weight zone in particular proved to be a potential risk in terms of acoustics as the falling barbells, dumbbells, and other weights would generate considerable levels of impact noise that would disturb those living and working in the vicinity.

For that reason, a Stravigym XP floating floor was installed beneath the free weight area. This dry and lightweight system is specifically designed to withstand and absorb the energy from very high impacts. Stravigym XP is engineered to reduce noise, damp vibration, and to minimize rebound to reduce the risk of injuries from bouncing weights. The channels used in this discrete floating floor system are equipped with dBooster® strips, contributing to the excellent acoustic performance of the entire setup.