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Boxing Factory Nijmegen

Stravimech Fix
Boxing factory Nijmegen
Boxing School Nijmegen
Cauberg Huygen
Staalbouw Mook BV

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The Boxing Factory has been open in Nijmegen since 2022. It is a unique location, because you can box in a former factory hall.
This industrial space has been completely transformed into a boxing temple full of fitness equipment, 30 punching bags and the showpiece: an Olympic boxing ring.
You can follow various training courses, exercise independently, but professional competitions are organized in the ring. The Boksfabriek is a safe environment where everyone can play sports, from young to old, from top athletes to recreational users.

In the office spaces above the Boxing Factory, the vibrations of the punching bags and the impact sound of the blows against them could be clearly felt/heard. During punching bag training, many vibrations and contact noises were generated.

The solution to these challenges was found in applying the Stravimech Fix system.
Together with Staalbouw Mook, a steel frame was realised that is fully decoupled from the walls and ceiling of the Boxing Factory.

The structure from which the punching bags are suspended is decoupled vertically and
horizontally at the wall attachment points. A solution was achieved by fully decoupling the steel structure that significantly reduced the nuisance of vibrations and impact noise in the office spaces.
After installing the Stravimech Fix systems, no more complaints were reported, thus eliminating the nuisance.

The owner of the Boxing Factory says he is delighted with the final result.

Together with Staalbouw Mook, we have ensured that visitors to the Boxing Factory can enjoy sports without causing nuisance in the rest of the building.