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Stravilink CC40 & CC60

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Main Benefits


  • Cost-effective

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Natural frequency between 12Hz and 18Hz

  • System comes optional with an elastomer washer to allow direct fixation to the ceiling

  • Variable void depths are achievable (Stravilink CC40 hanger depth is 40 mm; Stravilink CC60 hanger depth is 47 mm)

  • Steel elements are zinc plated

  • For optimum results resilient perimeter strips should be used to provide lateral isolation between the suspended ceiling and adjacent walls. A wide range of roll sizes are available


Design Requirements


  • Weight and construction of the supported ceiling (determines the type of hanger)

  • Required void between the supporting soffit and the suspended ceiling


*Previously known as CDM-CC40
**Previously known as CDM-CC60

Case Studies