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Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

United States of America
Stravifloor Jackup-R
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (exterior)
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
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On the 1st floor of the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment needed to be installed. Vibration transmission from road traffic and its impact on the MRI equipment and its imaging quality was a big concern.

CDM Stravitec installed a Stravifloor Jackup system with 2.5 Hz spring isolators in a 10” floating concrete slab. The floating floor was jacked to create an air gap of 2”.

Thanks to an in-house finite element analysis, CDM Stravitec could design the special springs needed to guarantee the specified isolation performance with minimum differential deflection and tilting of the MRI equipment, while coping with the eccentric loading.

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Great job! Measurement results showed that transmissibility reductions from 9 Hz and above are greater than 92%. Thus the system works as designed and the randomly occurring base building peaks at 15Hz are well below the threshold provided by Siemens. So all is well.

Sooch Sansouci

Metropolitan Acoustics