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Disney Music Group

United States of America
Stravifloor Deck
The Tower - Disney Music Group
Disney Music Group, a Walt Disney company
Swinerton & Robert Alan Construction
Newson Brown Acoustics
Englekirk Institutional

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Disney Music Group, a division of The Walt Disney Company, leased space within The Tower to support their recent launch of the Disney+ streaming service.

Several divisions of the company, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Music Group, now occupy about 116,000 square feet in the 32-story commercial high-rise building. The Tower offers panoramic views of the city and is in close proximity to Disney’s headquarters as well as some of the largest film production studios in the world.

A Stravifloor Deck floating floor system with 2” (50 mm) isolators adapted to specific load specifications is installed in the conference room and artist lounge to control the vibration noise transmission towards the adjacent offices and tenant spaces on the floor below.

FAB floor angle braces were added to the design to cope with lateral seismic loads and to ensure the structural integrity and acoustical performance during and after seismic events.