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House of Hungarian Music

Stravifloor Channel
Stravifloor Prefab
Stravilink CC40&60
Stravilink QR
House of Music (exterior)
Városliget Zrt.
Magyar Építő Zrt.
Sou Fujimoto Architects & M-Teampannon
Nagata Acoustics & Gusztáv JÓZSA & Éva ARATÓ
KENESE Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
György Palkó

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Sou Fujimoto’s House of Hungarian Music, located in Budapest’s City Park, is a contemporary cultural landmark dedicated to music in all its forms. The new cultural center is a place to experience, learn and practice music and its history. The striking building with its glass wall and overhanging roof, blend in perfectly with its surroundings, offering a feeling of standing under a tree canopy.

The 5.000 m² House of Music doesn’t only have music halls, but also spaces for exhibitions and conference rooms. The special feature of the building is the so-called ‘Sound Dome,’ a light-weight underground hemisphere where all kinds of sound effects can be created and enjoyed by those visiting the center.

Because of the unfortunate floor layout, with a machinery room right next to the Sound Dome, and the need for premium acoustics in sound-sensitive areas such as the studios, several box-in-box structures were designed, using Stravifloor Channel, Stravilink WallFix, Stravilink QR and Stravilink CC60 noise and vibration isolation systems. To minimize the structure-borne noise generated by the free-standing machinery units and attached pipes, their supports were resiliently fixed, as well as the elevator guide rails.

The machinery plant room’s box-in-box structure, next to the Sound Dome, was built on a Stravifloor Prefab system with spring isolators. The walls and roof were all supported by the isolated floating floor.

The steel supports of roof-top machinery units were resiliently fixed with Stravimech Fix systems and also the pipes and the elevator guiding rails.

On the 2nd floor the studio’s box-in-box structures were done by Stravifloor Channel, Stravilink QR and Stravilink PHR elements.