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Safe Work Environment


We are doing our part to help contain the spread of coronavirus and enable a safe work environment by following the lead of our safety and health experts, as well as guidance from the World Health Organization and government agencies. A global committee of CDM Stravitec leadership is meeting regularly to monitor the developing situation and confirm ongoing actions we need to take.

As a business, we will continue to keep abreast of and comply with the various travel and social restrictions being announced by various nationalities globally, to ensure our compliance with relevant legal obligations.  Should this changing landscape threaten to affect our clients, colleagues or suppliers, we will inform you at our earliest convenience of the impact and our response strategy.


Travel Restrictions


We have ceased all travel for business purposes unless considered essential, and all our staff have been advised not to travel internationally for any reason unless essential. Employees who have travelled internationally, and anyone exhibiting flu symptoms, will be isolated at home for 14 days, and we will monitor their condition.


To Visitors and Suppliers


At present, all CDM Stravitec employees have been recommended to stay home. In the event that you do need to visit a CDM Stravitec office, we have updated our requirements with respect to visiting any CDM Stravitec office. We require visitors/suppliers to provide information to us prior to attending any of our offices; to avoid inconvenience please understand and observe these requirements, in order to avoid being denied entry to our offices.

We maintain a positive outlook for the future and are confident we will achieve the best outcomes we can in this unique and fluid global environment, and wish all those we work for and with, to stay safe and stay healthy.