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BBC Music Studios

United Kingdom
Stravibase SEB
Stravibase Spring
Stravifloor Deck
BBC Music Studios
Buro Happold & Atkins
Allies & Morrison, O’Donnell + Tuomey, Camps Felip Arquitectura
Buro Happold

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The BBC is poised to elevate the musical landscape with the unveiling of its state-of-the-art BBC Music Studios at Stratford East Bank in 2025.

The studios are set to be a groundbreaking addition to London's cultural tapestry, nestling within the vibrant East Bank development. With insights from the BBC Media Centre and Construction Enquirer, this transformative venture promises not only to redefine the standards of acoustic excellence but also to cultivate an innovative hub for musical creativity and expression. The eagerly anticipated BBC Music Studios are poised to resonate with the heartbeat of London's cultural legacy, beckoning a new era of sonic exploration and artistic collaboration.

The structural design prioritized optimal acoustic isolation between the external 'outer box' and the internal 'inner boxes,' catering to noise-sensitive spaces like studios, workshops, practice rooms, and control rooms.

Studios 1, 2, and 3 adopted a 'full structural' box-in-box approach with an in-situ floating concrete floor, 120 mm pre-cast concrete panels supported by steel columns on isolation bearings, and a pre-cast or in-situ concrete 'lid' spanning between isolated columns - Stravifloor Deck.

Workshops and the Studio 3 control room employed a 'Masonry box-in-box' framework, featuring a robust heavyweight lid. This method accommodated specific spans, allowing loadbearing masonry leaves off the floating slab to support a pre-cast concrete 'lid,' enhancing structural integrity and lateral stability.

Crucially, internal structural boxes in all three studios incorporated steel columns with acoustic isolating bearings. CDM Stravitec played a key role by designing, manufacturing, and installing Stravibase Spring and Stravibase SEB isolation bearings, steel plates, and accessories. These components collectively acoustically isolate structural elements in Studios 1, 2, and 3, control rooms, and smaller practice rooms, fostering an environment conducive to sound excellence.